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What Steph Jeavons has done is superhuman. 

This is a superfluous comparison and is likening apples to bananas, but when I set off on my first European tour in 1999, I was riddled with anxieties. It had nothing to do with the journey itself, but the perceived hazards that I would meet on the way.

My concerns were the little things like dealing with my first channel crossing on a bike, punctures, engine failure, exhausts falling off, dropping the bike, falling ill, food poisoning, running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, having an accident etc etc, you get the picture. 

I was overthinking the modest challenges I would be facing, whereas I would be just one quick phone call away from assistance and unlikely to be stuck alone in a foreign land far removed from civilization.  

I had been a Chef for over fifteen years and in that job, preparation was 85% of delivering a smooth service. So, I adopted that mantra, and, as I did then, I started by making a prep list of what I needed. 

I didn’t wait until the last day to pack and long before my departure, I set about selecting my survival kit and load them onto my bike. I memorised the route and backed it up with a detailed atlas of the terrain. When I was eventually fully loaded up, a trial run would ensue.

I determined that the only control I’d be able to exert over the outside elements was inside my own space bubble. Everything else beyond that would be purely instinctive and reactive. This mental approach went some way towards alleviating my stress factor, but still, my reservations continued to occupy my overactive imagination.

I figured out too, that faith in the people I would meet along the way was key to my safeguard. The biking world is renowned for its extraordinary community spirit and if I got in trouble, I’d always find someone (a kindred spirit) to help. 

What Steph was proposing to do was so far removed from my own backyard adventures and the only way to describe her grandiose plan was ‘Crazy. Foolish. Insane’.

I therefore understand the self-doubts that she felt when she set off from the Ace Cafe London in 2014. Having her mate Pete with her was no doubt reassuring and again thank goodness for the moral and physical support of good friends and family.

In my travels across Africa in the 70s & 80s, I’ve had to rescue a number of misguided damsels in distress who thought that following the discovery trail on their own in the bush was ‘hip’. 

Knowing what I know and having experienced the dangers of going walkabouts in the African jungles, if I had been Steph’s father, I would have been sorely tempted to take a chainsaw to her bike and shackle her to a tree in the gardens of Wales, but I’m sure she would have found a way of breaking free. You just can’t keep a determined individual down.

Steph needs to be congratulated for her contribution to the world of motorbiking, her courage, her tenacity and her achievement in completing this herculean tour de force. Would you undertake this dangerous trip as she did and take 4 years to complete it? I doubt it.

Her inborn strength is what I also think helped her beat her drug dependency. I believe that unless you possess a strong inner resolve to survive, no amount of therapy, punishment, coercion and medicinal cocktails can cure you from your addictions. 

Steph, for sure, had buckets full of will power and a strong sense of survival. She has lived through the worst of the worst in her life and thoroughly deserves all the successes, accolades and adulation she now enjoys. 

The world is made up of two kinds of people. Them that DO. And, them that DON’T and prefer to sit under a tree, sip rum & coke and smoke weed all day long.

This book should be an inspiration those who may be wallowing in the negativity of life. There is light at the end of the tunnel and hope is eternal. Get off your arses and do something. 

Pick up a copy. Available now also on Amazon. Ride along with Steph and share with her, the realisation of her extraordinary human endeavour.

It’s been humbling reading about her adventures. What also struck me the most was the extent of the human kindness that exists in the one world we inhabit, regardless of language, culture, colour and creed. 

The most definitive compliment I can pay her, is utter and total RESPECT. 

Steph’s sense of adventure knows no bounds and it will be interesting to find out ˜What next?






Unfortunately, due to the Corona Virus outbreak and the nationwide lock-down, my planned ride has been postponed indefinitely.

Many of my friends are planning and rescheduling their activities for June, but quite frankly I think this is too optimistic. In my view, we do not know. The government certainly doesn't know. The scientists don't know and all they've got are the data, which by all accounts are suspect. So, until the herd is let loose again, I am erring on the side of caution and will wait and see what long term exit strategy the government adopts. 

I will keep you abreast of any developments and if the circumstances dictate it. Having endured the longest period of deprivation from tarmac scratching, I shall be up for it.

Meanwhile, stay safe and however flawed you may think it is, please follow the government's advice.

Warm regards


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It was autographed by both Henry Cole and his long time friend, Sam Lovegrove, from Junk & Disorderly and other televised series.


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