My abiding memories will be of the many individuals I met, battling with Cancer, in its many forms and yet always managing to stay cheerful and happy. Never thinking of themselves, but of others.

A special mention to the lady fighting both liver and breast cancer. My head couldn’t take it in. 

I found the experience humbling and it made me all the more determined to keep pushing for more involvement from more people. That’s why I selected to borrow and adapted the ‘I have a dream’ speech from Dr Martin Luther King.

Thank you to all those who’ve followed my journey. Without your support, it would have been more of an endurance test and unrewarding.

Thanks also to all those of you who’ve donated. You know who you are. 

My target was set at £3000. So far we’ve reached 39%. Pathetic. I’m being serious.

I mainly blame myself for this failure. I could have probably done more. 

However, I’m optimistic that I can do better. 

This is not a criticism and whatever you may think of it, I make no apology for saying it. 

The innate responsibility that men felt towards mankind has all but disappeared up the arses of those who govern us. The politicians have taken away our moral values. They’ve hijacked it. Used it. Abused it. Politicised it and Buried it.

Instead, through the medium of television and tax exempt charities, they are burdening us with the guilt of donating to a plethora of Overseas Aid projects, that are overwhelming and corrupt to the core.


We need to clean up our own backyards, before looking elsewhere to alleviate our consciences and humanitarian responsibilities.

I’m talking about regaining a collective responsibility that we globally need to embrace, regardless of the narcissistic images we are being sold. 

Passivity is not an option and will no longer cut the mustard. 

We need to develop a level of self-governing conscience that is immune from dogma, be it religious or political. If not, indifference and apathy will consume us all.

Every time you get on your proverbial horse, could be the last time you ever see your loved ones. 

We are not born just to ride, but to die. That is the truth of life. Our fathers & mothers, brothers & sisters, friends are all mortal. It’s only a question of time. 

Life is short. 

What matters, is how we choose to live. We need to enhance, nurture and share our lives with those less fortunate?